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Delicate Hair Bundle | Oil | Shampoo | Mask

Delicate Hair Bundle | Oil | Shampoo | Mask

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Herbal Hair Bundle

Herbal Hair Bundle includes three magical products.

  1. Natural Hair Growth Treatment Oil
  2. Herbal Hair Thickening Shampoo
  3. Wonder Hair Mask


This hair bundle will help you:


  • To enhance your hair growth.
  • Treat baldness and hair fall Remove split ends and dandruff
  • For all hair types Makes your hair long, strong, thick, smooth, healthy, silky, and also shiny.


How to Use:

Step 1 (Oiling):

  • Take some oil, rub it onto your palms, and run your hands through the length of your hair.
  • Massage your hair and scalp for about 10-15 minutes, comb your hair so that the oil spreads evenly, and then tie your hair.
  • Let the oil penetrate into your scalp for 2 to 3 hours, 3 times a week.

Step 2 (Shampoo):

  • Completely saturate your hair with warm, not hot, water.
  • Squirt a small amount of shampoo into the palm of your hand.
  • Apply it to your scalp and massage it until it lathers.
  • Work the shampoo through your hair, but pay the most attention to the scalp.
  • Rinse your hair and scalp completely.

Step 3 (Mask):

  • Take a clean & dry bowl take 2 tablespoons of hair mask,
  • add 1 tablespoon of natural hair growth treatment oil and 1 to 2 tablespoons of yogurt/egg mixed well then add water (if needed) as used to create the paste neither thicker nor thinner.
  • apply it all over your scalps & hairs.
  • Leave it on for around 1 an hour then wash off with herbal hair thicking shampoo.
  • Use it once the time in a week for the best results
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